Mitochondrian the part of the cell that generates ATPThere are many benefits to reducing your toxic load. In Part I of this series on Detox, I discussed the symptoms of toxic overload and diseases with a toxic connection. Logically, reducing your toxic load should reduce those symptoms and possibly prevent or improve those conditions. In this article, I investigate nine other benefits for you to ponder. I hope you like biology.

1.  Increased Energy – Toxins damage our mitochondria, which are what produce ATP (the energy our bodies use for fuel). The mitochondria use fats and sugars as fuel to convert into ATP. When toxins damage the mitochondria, we burn less fuel so we have less energy. Thus, cleansing can help mitochondria be more efficient, reducing fatigue and boosting energy.

2.  Weight Loss – When the mitochondria burn less fuel to make ATP, fats are stored in the body along with fat-soluble toxins. The more toxins your body is storing, the more fat you’re likely to have.

Detox Fruits & Vegetables Weight LossAlthough a clean diet and light exercise can aid in detoxification, you cannot diet or exercise your way out of toxic overload. In fact, dieting without detoxifying can poison you and make you fatter because although you can burn fat to get rid of it, you can’t burn fat-soluble toxins. When you restrict calories or exercise, you increase the breakdown of fats, which releases toxins into your bloodstream. The toxins are then reabsorbed in your body. This is why people sometimes feel sick after a couple months of losing weight.

Not everyone who is overweight has toxic overload and not everyone with toxic overload is overweight. However, if you’re more than 10 pounds overweight and have symptoms of toxic overload, it may be contributing to your weight problem.

3.  Better Organ Function – All of our cells except red blood cells have mitochondria and all of our body’s systems rely on ATP to function properly. Thus, when toxins damage our mitochondria, it affects all of our organs and systems. Cleansing makes for happy mitochondria and more fuel for organs to function properly.

4.  Stronger Immune System – White blood cells (WBCs) are critical to the immune system. They produce antibodies to help defend against pathogens like bacteria and viruses.White and Red Blood Cells

WBCs are also responsible for distinguishing between your own tissue and pathogens. When WBCs get confused, they can produce antibodies to your own tissue, leading to autoimmune disease.

WBCs are very sensitive to toxins so reducing toxic exposure and detoxing to eliminate toxins is important for boosting WBCs and strengthening your immune system.

5.  Brain Fog Lifted – Brain fog can leave you feeling groggy, unable to focus, or with poor memory. Brain fog is generally a sign of inflammation in the brain, which can be caused by toxins. Toxins also affect your sleep so cleansing can provide some awesome mental benefits.

6. Better Stress Management – Our adrenal glands help our mind and body adapt to stress and your adrenal glands will thank you when you remove stimulants, consume nutrient-dense, organic food, and perform some of the beneficial practices discussed later in this series.

7. Better Skin – When toxins clog the skin, you can get dryness, wrinkles and other signs of aging. These signs may also indicate other things going on inside the body like free radical damage and/or disease.
Beauty Spa Woman with beautiful skin

Skin conditions may be a sign the body needs a cleanse. Because elimination is one of skin’s primary functions (think sweat glands and sweating), sometimes toxins come out in the form of a rash or other skin conditions. (NOTE: I’ll be cleansing in January and if my perioral dermatitis isn’t cleared up by then, it will be interesting to see if the cleanse helps.)

Healing comes from the inside out so during a cleanse, breakouts can occur as toxins are released, but breakouts usually only last a few days.

8. Emotional Release – Emotions create chemicals in our bodies – some good and some bad. Toxic emotions that aren’t released from the body can affect our physical health. It’s quite possible that as you release toxins, you will also release emotions so be prepared and stay tuned in the series for some practices that will support you through this.

9. Higher Vibrational Frequency – Everything/everyone is made of energy and vibrates at its own frequency. Positive emotions vibrate at a very high speed. Foods such as superfoods and organic fruits and vegetables have a higher vibrational frequency. When you eat high vibration foods, they interact with the cells in your body, increasing your vibrational frequency. The science of quantum biology (a real field studied at universities) is just beginning to catch up with what the Ancients knew.

I can’t possibly cover the importance of our mighty mitochondria in this one article, but when you start living clean and green, your mitochondria will thank you and as you feel better physically and mentally, you’ll feel more like making positive lifestyle changes.

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January is Detox Time